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Our Products


Azarbaijan Eram Chemistry Company is the first producer of insulating oil according to Iran and to the requirements of international standards IEC-60296 , IEC296, BS-148 and national standard of Iran(2661).
Azarbaijan Eram Chemistry Company has received ISO 9001-2009 certification which is recorded at the site of JAS-ANZ(Joint Accreditation of System of Ustralia nd NewZealand) and can be traced. Which has also received quality assurance certificates from the following four companies:
Vatsan Co. f the Netherland
Technol firm of Austria
Siemens Co. of Germany
Italian CESI Company
Azarbaijan Eram Chemistry Company has also received quality certification from the domestic scientific centers and expert such as Energy Research Center and oil research Center.
Azarbaijan Eram Chemistry Company products are abundantly use in domestic and power industries for more than 25 years.It is an honor for us that our products have the highest quality. Thanks to its experienced and qualified manpower, comprising of skillful and highly learned engineers and technicians.
Azarbaijan Eram Chemistry Company is supplier of many industrial factories inside and outside of Iran. Instance , our Transformer Oil has been supplied to IRAN TRANSFO Co. for many years , with produce and delivery of more than 20,000,000 liters of Transformer Oil. We are proud that our products have been exported to countries such as Iraq , Syria , India, Afghanistan,Pakistan…
With attention to good behavior of Parrafinic base oil which is high oxidation stability ,high flash point and low relative density,our company produces this kind of industrial oil from prraffinic base oil.
our company produces many kinds of industrial oil,insulating oil and all class of transformer oil. some of the our products are :
1- Transformer Oil Class I
2- Transformer Oil Class II
3- Transformer Oil IEC60296
4- Solvent Aw 402
5- E.S.100 Special Insulatinf Oil
6-Switch Oil Class I
7- white Oil
8- Pure Liquid Paraffin
9- Liquid Paraffin
10- Spindle Oil
11- Emulsion Base Oil
12- Special Lock&Key,Eram-334
13-Insulating Oil X8 - Class I
14- Capacitor Oil X6
15- Steam Turbine Lubricating Oil
16-Dook Oil
17- Cutting Oil
18- Anti-freeze
Our main product is transformer oil,that Transformer oil is a cut of oil hydrocarbon which is used in transformer for two reasons :
A) Using it as an electrical insulation which is called as insulating oil.
B) Application of the oil as a means for conduction of heat and controlling the temperature inside transformer.
Of course, in direction of the two above main goals, transformer oil is used for the following purposes :
1. Preventing the corrosion of the internal parts of transformer.
2. Preventing the penetration of moisture, air and different particles into the inner part of transformer.
3. Collection and transfer of impurities created by transformer function outside the transformer.
4. Extinguishing the possible electrical sparks.
Oil electrical resistance is tremendously influenced by oil impurities.So, lack of moisture, suspends particles and any impurities will improve the oil insulation property. Also, to ensure the suitability of oil in heat transfer, some physical properties of oil such as specific temperature, heat conduct, heat expansion factor, viscosity, density, flash point and pour point are required to be in a specific range. In addition to the mentioned physical properties, transformer oil must have specific chemical properties so that the oil enjoys a high stability and as a result a long durability.
All physical and chemical properties of transformer oil do not exist in a hydrocarbon cut resulting from distillation of crued oil in refinery which is called as Lube Cut. So, centralization of all physical, chemical and electrical properties in the oil calls for complicated and technical operations which are inevitable for production of transformer oil. Any oil cut like Lube Cut is constituted of different saturated and non-saturated hydrocarbons.hundreds of thousands of molecular structures from the mentioned hydrocarbons exist in oil which contributes to inefficiency of transformer oil and should be excluded optionally.
Thus, in transformer oil molecular structure, regardless of type of crude oil base, each desirable hydrocarbon should exist to a specific limit.
Azarbaijan Eram Chemistry Company has ability to produce all kinds of transformer oil with two kinds of base oil,Paraffinic and Naphthenic. With attention to good behavior of paraffinic base oil such as, high oxidation, high flash point and low relative density, our company produces the kind of insulating oil and industrial oil from paraffinic base oil.
Azarbaijan Eram Chemistry Company enjoys a high exclusive technology for production of transformer oil and has the honor of effective contribution to self-sufficiency in this field by production of high quality transformer oil in iran for the first time. The transformer oil produced by this company embodies the following advantages and privileges.
• High potential of oil as an electrical insulation because of complete exclusive of all impurities.
• Decrease of corrosive effect on silver and copper owing to effective reduction of active sulphuric oil.
• High resistance against oxidation.
• The possibility of electrostatic charge resulting from oil flowing in it has decreased drastically.

The Transformer Oil of Azarbaijan Eram Chemistry Company has the license for application of the National Standard Symbol from Iran Industrial Research And Standard Institute and is produced in accordance with the International Standard Of IEC-296.It is lacking any additives is a good advantage in comparison with the oils from other brands.