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JCPOA ‘helped improve economic figures


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TEHRAN, Jan. 01 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has spoken to nation in IRIB’s Channel One TV just 5 months after his last address earlier in August 2016.
Moderators Morteza Heidari and Elmira Sharifi Moghaddam hosted Mr. Rouhani. Unsurprisingly, economy and unemployment was the top of other issues Mr. Rouhani addressed first. He believed since the beginning of his administration, unemployment had been on the center stage of the government, with a special focus on university graduates. “From 2006 to present, net employment had been fixed; but the graduates seeking jobs outnumbered the jobs created, which had been merely 14,000 and odds annually,” he told the nation.

“Today however, the number of employed individuals has been 23 million people, but the number of unemployed still tallied with employed people, thus creating a percentage of unemployment yet; but a good news is that the government created outstanding number of jobs, staggering 700,000 net jobs in a year; the demand however is larger than the jobs created. To solve this, all should contribute to a campaign to close this gap; a method is to create grounds for young cohort to work in and produce value-added; cyber space and telecommunication is a proper ground for example; investment also should be attracted,” he emphasized, “social networks should receive more tolerance so that they give people spaces to find self-employment.”